FAQ for Students

Frequently Asked Questions for Students

1) How do I create a student account?
2) How do I add myself to a teacher’s run?
3) How do I begin a run?
4) How do I run a model?
5) How do I access student resources, including student readings, assignments, and screencasts for each activity/section?
6) What do I do if I forget my username or password?
7) What do I do if I get an error?


Responses to Questions for Students

1) How do I create a student account?

1. First, go to https://wise.berkeley.edu/. Once there, click the button “Create WISE Account”


2. The next page will ask whether you’d like to create a Student or Teacher account.  Click “Student Account” to create a student account.


3. Fill out all required fields (most fields are required). When creating a student account, you must enter an Access Code that will be provided to you by your teacher.

picture38-1024x796 (1)

4. Once you reach the Registration page, you’re done! Proceed to sign into WISE.

Note: In case a student forgets his or her username, the username consists of the FIRST name, the first LETTER of your last name, and your BIRTHMONTH (as two digits) and BIRTHDAY (as two digits). Example: John Doe has his birthday on March 2nd, so his username would be JohnD0302.

2) How does a student add his/herself to a teacher’s run?

In order to add a student to a teacher’s run, the student must be logged into his or her account, and use the access code created by the teacher.

1. Once logged in as a student, make sure you are on the ‘Student Home’ page by clicking “Student Home” as shown below:

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.50.07 AM


2. From the Student Home page, click ‘Add a Project’ located on the left side of the page.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.40.38 AM


3. In the window that appears enter the Access Code to the Run you would like to join. Click the link below the Access Code field to select the student’s class period. Click ‘Add Project’ and the Run will now appear in the Student Home page.


Note: When a student first creates an account, they are already registered for the first run, using the initial access code. Students only need to go through this process when they are registering for runs after the first.

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3) How does a student begin a run?

If you are not on the home page, click the Home page icon on the right hand corner, on the top toolbar.

Home toolbar

Once you are on the home screen, you will see the Project Menu pop up. Next to the project you would like to run, click “Run Project.”

Run Project


Once you click “Run Project”, a new window will pop-up with the project and all of the steps/questions. The window will look similar to the one shown below.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 2.57.13 PM

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4) How does a student run a model?

Whenever a model needs to be run, the title of the specific step the student is on will read “Open the Model”, as shown below.

Open Model Step

Once you reach this step, the window that appears will have a link that will allow you to open the NetLogo program directly from the WISE site. Click on that link.

Click link
When you click on the link, a warning may appear that says “This type of file can harm your computer.” Click “Keep” anyways.


Once you click “Keep”, the program file has downloaded. The file should either appear on the bottom toolbar of your current browser, or in your “Downloads” folder on your computer. Find the file and click on it.



Once you open the file, another warning sign may pop up. If so, click “Open” anyways.

Open Anyways

Once you click “Open”, Java/NetLogo will open up, and a screen resembling the one shown below will pop up. To begin the run, click the “Setup” button.


When you click “Setup”, a new window will emerge that asks you to enter a model code. The model code is given on the WISE webpage you were previously on. Enter the entire code into the box, including the parenthesis at the end.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 3.48.15 PM

Model Code

Once you enter the model code, you may begin using the model. Either your teacher, or the WISE webpage will give you instructions on what to do with the model and how to use it.

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5) How to access student resources, including readings, assignments, and screencasts

To access student resources, go to /info/ (the website that you are on). In the menu, under the “Units” drop-down, scroll over “Student Resources”, and click unit and activity that you need student resources for.


Once you click on the activity you would like resources for, a new page will pop up listing the readings, screencasts, and assignments for that activity. The window will look like the one shown below.

Student Page

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6) What do I do if a student forgets his/her username or password?

1. When logging into the WISE homepage, there is a link on the left of the login box that reads “Forgot Username or Password?”

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.22.48 PM

2. In the next window, choose that you are a student. NOTE: The username for students is in a general formula. Student usernames consist of the FIRST name, the first LETTER of the last name, and the BIRTHMONTH (as two digits) and BIRTHDAY (as two digits). Example: John Doe has his birthday on March 2nd so his username would be JohnD0302.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.27.10 PM
Students can reset their passwords by answering the security question that follows.

7) If you get an error

If you get an error at any point during your use of the ModelSim materials first try to find the problem in our “Troubleshooting” section. If the error persists, take a screenshot of the error or copy the error text and send it to modelsim-tech@ccl.northwestern.edu .

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